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We provide Masterclass-as-a-Service for professional athletes who want to share their knowledge, increase their earning potential, and reach a global audience.

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Stuart Lancaster one of the high performers.

Helping High Profile Athletes

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Share your knowledge and passion with the world while helping people learn valuable new skills.

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Significantly increase your earning potential by packaging your expertise into premium quality online education products.

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Reach a global audience while building your community, enhancing your brand, and expanding your business.

Unleash Your Potential

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What We Do

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We apply academically researched instructional design frameworks to collaborate with the expert in order to build an effective course outline and determine the product strategy.

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Step 2


We bring the expert into our production studio to film the course content, create promotional material and record additional bonus subject matter.

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We assemble the content into a premium quality finished product, integrate the backend technology into an automated sales funnel and publish the course to personalized platform.

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Step 4


We devise a custom launch strategy that includes email sequences, social media marketing, affiliate campaigns, PR and more, in order to significantly increase the sales exposure.

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Stuart Lancaster

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